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YHC Latest News: Rudraksh throws Prisha on bed love-hate story begins in marital life (Upcoming Twist)

Rudraksh and Prisha's love-hate story begins in marital life in Yeh Hai Chahatein 

Popular TV show Yeh Hai Chahatein is up for a biggest twist in the story when Rudraksh and Prisha will get tied in a marriage relationship.

The new promo has hit the screens and we can’t stop drooling at the dashing look of Rudraksh in groom getup.

Prisha will return with the rights of being Rudraksh’s wife where she has a motive.

Prisha will promise to Saransh that after 6 months, they will live a happy life together with Yuvraj.

However things take drastic troll when Rudraksh holds her hand in anger and drags her in his bedroom and recklessly throws her on the bed.

Rudraksh swears making Prisha’s life equal to hell

Rudraksh gives glass of milk to Prisha and asks for their wedding night.

Where Prisha gets scared when Rudraksh breaks the glass on the floor, Rudraksh removes his sehra welcoming Prisha in the hell.

How Prisha will face Rudraksh’s such ruthless torture,

Let see what more challenges are lined up in Prisha’s life.

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