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Coronavirus Latest: Super foods to keep COVID-19 at bay (Latest Trending News)

By: SG Admin on March 21, 2020

Coronavirus Latest: Super foods to keep COVID-19 at bay

Coronavirus has infected more than 2,45,000 people and killed more than 10,000 across the world.

Meanwhile, India has reported four deaths and 250 cases so far.

Here are some super foods which you can consume on daily basis to keep the deadly disease at bay.

  1. Consume lots of citrus bases food like Oranges, Sweet Lime, Lemon , Kiwi, Indian Gooseberry. Oranges Sweet Lime and Lemon are easily available and consumed to keep out immunity strong and keep cold away.
  2. Tea with spice like Ginger, Cardamom seeds, Cinnamon sticks.
  3. Garlic can be consumed on empty stomach which fights against all the bacteria.

Coronavirus precautions

Apart from these don’t forget to wash your hands and sanitize them if required.

Stay home, keep yourself occupied by cooking new dish, reading books, paying games with family members and of course do read our entertainment news website.

Keep yourself healthy and protect your family too.

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