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Shaadi Mubarak: Kusum’s masterstroke expose Tarun-Rati saves Preeti (Upcoming Twist)

Kusum plays trick exposing Tarun and Rati’s evil face in Shaadi Mubarak

Star Plus serial Shaadi Mubarak is going to see ups and downs in the upcoming episode storyline in Preeti’s life.

KT and Preeti’s life is facing a hard time meanwhile here Tarun and Rati come up with their dirty plans.

Tarun and Rati intentionally bring Tarun’s grandparents to Kusum’s house to convince Preeti to reside with them.

Preeti’s in-laws force Preeti to live with Tarun and Rati while they are completely unaware of Rati and Tarun’s torture on Preeti.

Kusum thus plays her masterstroke and asks Tarun to get Preeti’s name on their house nameplate.

Interestingly, Tarun bursts out and refuses for it as the house belongs to him and Rati, not his mother Preeti.

Finally, Tarun’s evil face is exposed before the grandparents while Kusum’s witty trick saves Preeti from the torture of Tarun and Rati.

What will happen next in Shaadi Mubarak is quite interesting because Preeti is finally free from the traps of her evil son Tarun and daughter-in-law Rati.

Preeti’s new journey

Kusum is supporting Preeti to live a happy, peaceful and proud life.

Where Preeti wants to earn money and live an independent life, what new challenges will come in Preeti’s new journey is worth to watch.

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