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Choti Sardarni: Real Vikram Diwan turns big trouble for Manav (Upcoming Twist)

Choti Sardarni: Real Vikram Diwan turns big trouble for Manav (Hitesh Bhardwaj)

The upcoming episode of Colors popular serial Choti Sardarni will showcase interesting twist with major revelation about Vikram Diwan.

It was earlier seen that Manav makes a strong comeback as Surya Diwan’s son Vikram Diwan.

Manav’s entry created a lot of confusion over his real identity while the mystery is now cleared that he is Manav only not Vikram.

Manav wants to unfold his real identity to everyone that he is Manav aka Meher’s Manav.

Shockingly Surya begs before Manav to never reveal his real identity.

Manav agrees to live as Vikram for sake of Surya and Seema his new parents

Surya reveals that he had lost his real son Vikram in an accident.

Surya lost his son and he could not reveal this news to his wife Seema.

Hence to save Seema, Surya introduced Manav as Vikram who had never seen Vikram.

Surya further begs before Manav to keep his identity a secret for sake of Seema’s motherly love.

Manav decides to live as Vikram Diwan as he a got a new family to live with.

It would be really interesting to see what happens next on the show.

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