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Anupama: Vanraj reprimand Anupama over Bapuji's Angioplasty terminology (Upcoming Twist)

By: SG Admin on November 09, 2020

Anupama: Vanraj (Sudhanshu Pandey) reprimand Anupama (Rupali Ganguly) over Bapuji's Angioplasty terminology

Th upcoming episode of Star Plus serial Anupama will showcase interesting drama.

As per the latest episode Bapuji collapse as he suffers from heart attack.

Anupama is courageous and does not break down.

Anupama on doctors call with Samar's help takes Bapuji to hospital on time.

Anupama cannot afford to lose Bapuji and thus takes a strong step to save his life on time.

On the other side Vanraj and Kavya are busy romancing each other.

In the hospital doctors asks Anupama to take a crucial decision for Bapuji's Angioplasty terminology.

Vanraj and Paritosh confronts Anupama as always

Anupama is in shock as she does not understand all these terms and wants Vanraj's assistance.

While Vanraj is unavailable.

Anupama thus makes this decision and asks doctors to begin the operation.

Vanraj reaches late and warns Anupama that she will be sole responsible if anything happens to Bapuji.

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