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Molkki: School Tragedy, Purvi goes fierce rescuing her Virendra (Upcoming Twist)

Molkki: School Tragedy, Purvi goes fierce to save her Virendra

Colors best TV series Molkki is witnessing ups and downs in Virendra and Purvi's life.

Virendra and Purvi soon head to Juhi and Manas's school for some work.

Unfortunately, a tragedy happens in the school when Virendra falls in deadly danger.

However, Purvi's love will never let anything happen to Virendra and this is what happens in the school.

Virendra and Purvi have a face-off when Purvi risks her life and saves Virendra.

Virendra falls harder for Purvi

Whatsmore, Purvi's gesture of love and how she turned fierce to save Virendra is what is making Virendra fall harder for her.

Virendra and Purvi once again survive the tragedy but will things go smooth for them,

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