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Imlie: New Drama in Aditya Imlie Malini's marital life (Upcoming Twist)

Imlie: New Drama in Aditya Imlie and Malini's marital life

The prime time TV serial Imlie is witnessing ups and downs in Aditya and Malini’s marital life.

With Imlie returning to Tripathi house, Aditya is devoting his full attention to Imlie, not Malini.

Anu is finding chances to fuel Malini’s mind against Aditya as she is already suspicious of Aditya and Imlie’s intimacy.

A new drama opens up when in the pooja, Malini asks the Priest to see her and Aditya’s hand and the Priest actually reveals the two marriages of Aditya.

The family gets super shocked while Anu bursts out in anger.

Anu finds a new chance to humiliate Tripathis and Aditya and the situation gets tougher for both Aditya and Imlie.

Imlie in a troublesome situation

Poor Imlie doesn’t know how to hide her emotions while Aditya is intensely affected by the Priest confession because he very well knows that he said the truth.

Aditya and Imlie both are stuck in this troublesome situation while there happens more family drama.

Let's see what Aditya and Imlie will do or if the truth will get exposed?

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