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Imlie: Malini returns with truth to change everyone’s life (Upcoming Episode)

By: SG Admin on May 31, 2021

Imlie: Malini returns with truth to change everyone’s life

The upcoming episode story of Star Plus TV serial Imlie will see Malini finally coming to know the truth.

Malini reaches Pagdandiya to meet Meethi to know Imlie's father's name.

A big shock to Malini when Meethi reveals Dev Chaturvedi's name, Malini's world falls shattered.

Malini feels guilty for not only snatching Imlie's husband but also being responsible for snatching Imlie's father.

Malini doesn't want to see Imlie's sufferings more and thus she decides to give Imlie's happiness back to her.

Imlie and Malini's major confrontation

Imlie and Malini have a major confrontation when Malini calls Imlie and apologizes for snatching her happiness and her rights.

While Imlie gets shocked hearing Meethi's voice on the call, Malini promises Imlie that she will change everything.

Malini's return with the truth will not only unite Aditya and Imlie but also she will unite Imlie with her father Dev.

So how intriguingly the story of Imlie TV serial will change with Malini's one step,

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