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Anupama: Ugly new drama in house to kick out Anupama (Latest News)

By: SG Admin on July 09, 2021


Anupama: Ugly new drama in house to kick out Anupama

In the upcoming episode of your favorite show Anupama, a lot is about to happen with Anupama.

Once again Kavya and Vanraj lose their job and this hits the Shah Family harder than ever.

Kavya on one side gets Baa in her favor by gaining her sympathy,

Here Anupama gives a new business idea to Vanraj.

As soon Vanraj agrees to open a cafe in Anupama's Dance Academy, Kavya turns to spoil everything, and this time her plan is eviller than ever.


Anupama to fall into huge mess

As usual, Kavya is badly triggered by Vanraj choosing Anupama's business idea.

Kavya who is searching for a job for her and Vanraj doesn't want Vanraj to anyhow return back in Anupama's life.

Where the family is happy, Kavya's new ugly drama worsens everything as suddenly out of the blue, everyone turns against Anupama.

Kavya's biggest game plan is all set to kick Anupama out of the Shah House.

So, how Anupama will manage the new scenario while protecting her self-esteem,

Or the time has come for Anupama to leave the house?

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