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Imlie: Woah! Imlie leaves Dev in dust reject his plea (Latest News)

By: SG Admin on July 15, 2021

Imlie: Woah! Imlie leaves Dev in dust reject his plea

Star Plus popular TV show that you like the most, Imlie is getting ready for the final showdown between Imlie and Dev.

Aditya goes against his family to give Imlie her place in his bedroom.

The Tripathis are totally pissed off with Imlie’s stay at Tripathi house.

Meanwhile, Dev convinces Imlie for a disgusting deal which is totally unacceptable to Imlie.

Dev compels Imlie to leave Aditya and Tripathis and he (Dev) will get her married in a big family than the Tripathis.

Imlie is literally shocked at Dev's selfish demand.

While Dev expected Imlie's yes, what Imlie actually says is what hits him harder to the core.

Imlie stands for her love over peace

Imlie bluntly says no to Dev’s deal while she also compels him that no matter how worse Tripathis treat her, she will strive hard to win their hearts.

Moreover, Imlie warns Dev to not get worried for her as she has decided to stay with Aditya and pass all the hardships to win the family.

Where Imlie leaves giving her final answer to Dev, she actually leaves him in the dust with her rejection.

How challenging Imlie’s new life with Aditya’s love and Tripathis hate will be is worth watching next.

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