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Imlie: What! Negativity strikes Malini to hurt Imlie (Upcoming Twist)

By: SG Admin on July 17, 2021

Imlie: What! Negativity strikes Malini to hurt Imlie

Star Plus one of the famous TV serials Imlie is getting ready for Malini’s negative avatar against Imlie.

After the major family drama in Pallavi’s Muh-Dikhayi, Aditya and Malini have a serious conversation.’

Malini hopes that the Tripathis accept Imlie as their Bahu while Aditya is confident that Imlie will win their hearts soon.

However, when Aditya shows his annoyance over why Tripathis always call Malini, Malini promises him that she will never come again.

Aditya wants Malini to visit them but not when the Tripathis call her.

Aditya compels Malini to clearly clarify to everyone that the divorce is their mutual decision so that the Tripathis don’t hold any hope from her.

While he reveals to Malini that he will register his marriage with Imlie after their divorce,

Suddenly the negativity strikes Malini when she feels that she will no more have any right on Aditya.

Kunal to protect Malini from evilness

Malini even reminisces Kunal’s confession that how she is insecure and scared of losing Aditya even after she accepted his and Imlie’s relation.

Malini wants to help Imlie but her love for Aditya is turning her negative against Imlie and she is turning towards the way to hurt Imlie and get Aditya back.

Will Kunal be able to protect Malini from turning evil or something bad will happen in Adilie’s love life?

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