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Molkki: Bitter blame game Purvi leaves Virendra only to die (Upcoming Twist)

By: SG Admin on August 10, 2021


Virendra (Amar Upadhyay) and Purvi (Priyal Mahajan) love relationship falls shattered in Molkki

In the popular TV serial Molkki, a lot is going to happen in Virendra and Purvi's life and this is what you shouldn't miss.

Because Purvi exposes Aarav's evilness before everyone, Aarav is driven crazy to take his revenge.

Shockingly, Aarav marries Priyu taking her in the confidence and this ultimately affects Virendra and Purvi's relationship in a drastic way.

Shockingly Virendra blames Purvi for everything and regrets marrying and loving her.

Purvi feels so hurt that she ultimately decides to leave the house and this calls death to her.


Purvi's chapter closed?

Purvi leaves Virendra feeling hurt with blames and allegations.

While Virendra is sleeping, Purvi leaves the house at midnight.

Purvi's drastic step puts her into death mouth because Aarav and Chaudhary planned her accident on the way.

Will Purvi's chapter close?

Stay tuned with us to read the very first update.


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