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Imlie: Imlie’s Exit to teach Tripathis huge lesson (Latest News)

By: SG Admin on September 11, 2021

Imlie (Sumbul Touqeer Khan) parts her ways from Aditya (Gashmeer Mahajani) in Imlie TV serial

Aditya and Imlie’s marital relationship which just started to flourish is, unfortunately, ending in the upcoming story of the daily soap opera Imlie.

Aditya and Malini's one-night stand gets proved and everyone blindly believes Malini's victim story.

Imlie very well knows that this was all schemed by Malini.

However, when Aditya doesn't believe Imlie and instead confesses that he really did a mistake,

Imlie thus decides to leave the Tripathi House.

Imlie becomes stone-hearted towards Aditya when he seeks her forgiveness.

And this is when Imlie turns cold-shoulder to leave Aditya and the house forever.

Aditya to regret big 

Imlie's exit from the Tripathi house is a very much needed twist because, in the upcoming track, the Tripathi's will finally get to learn a big lesson.

How Aditya and Tripathi will rectify their mistake after knowing the truth that Malini tricked Aditya is worth watching.

Will Imlie then forgive the Tripathi's and Aditya?

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