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Bade Achhe Lagte Hai2: Shivi Akki's bedroom romance madden Shubham (Upcoming Twist)


Published By: Veena | Publication: | Updated: November 02, 2021 04:11 PM IST


Bade Achhe Lagte Hai2(BALH2): Akki and Shivi's lovely surprise for each other


The most liked show of Sony TV, Bade Achhe Lagte Hai2 is gearing up for a high voltage drama and action.

As seen previously, Shivina makes a surprise arrangement along with Sid for Akki's birthday.

Priya reveals to Akki that since Shivi is putting so much effort into him, he should also give her some surprise.

Hence, Akki plans to give a quick surprise visit to Shivi and enters her room through the window.

Further, Shivi is happy to see him, and Akki is also glad to see the beautiful birthday surprise.

They both spend a good time together in her room secretly.


Shivi intervenes stopping Shubham from bashing Akki

However, Shubham gets mad to know Akki is in Shivi's room late at night.

Shubham shouts at Akki and is about to beat him up when Shivi intervenes.

Moreover, Nandini also gets worried as their marriage is getting cancelled but they are having moments together in secrecy.

Now let us see what will happen further on the show.

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