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Imlie: Countdown begins! Imlie to reopen Arvind Murder Case (Latest News)


Published By: Alka | Publication: | Updated: January 02, 2022 03:01 PM IST


Imlie: Countdown begins! Imlie to reopen Arvind Murder Case


The latest story of Imlie TV serial of Star Plus is going to spice up and we don’t want you to miss the upcoming twist.

Aryan brings Imlie back to the Rathore Mansion wherein Imlie tries her best to cheer up herself.

The story gets more intriguing when Imlie sees Aryan emotionally and thus mimics a fun story to cheer him up.

However, nothing like such happens because Aryan finally breaks down in tears and this is the first time when Imlie realizes his pain.


Imlie to find the whole truth

So, now the story will shift the focus on Imlie digging in Aryan’s past.

And this is when she will finally come across Arvind’s file in which Aryan has kept Arvind’s death news article and the other articles related to him.

What shocks Imlie is that the news is covered by the Bhaskar Times and this leaves her suspicious.

Let's see what more will happen and what big twists and turns are coming up next in the show.

Will Imlie find Arvind’s murder case connection with Aditya?

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