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Anupama: Prediction! Samar Kinjal pairing post Nandini Paritosh walk away (Upcoming Twist)


Published By: Veena | Publication: | Updated: February 17, 2022 04:02 PM IST


Anupama: Prediction! Samar Kinjal pairing post Nandini Paritosh walk away


So here we have good twist for the upcoming track of Star Plus popular serial Anupama where recently as per the latest episode we saw Nandini calls for closure with Samar this Valentine's Day.

On the other side Kinjal is waiting for Paritosh to come and meet her on the Valentine Date so that she can reveal the good news to Paritosh.

However Kinjal ends up being alone on the Valentines Day and Night too where Paritosh is dating someone else.

Now Kinjal is pregnant and she wants to know how to go on ahead in life where she needs Paritosh's concern too.

On the other side Samar is also heartbroken where he gets to hear the good news from his Bhabhi Kinjal.

Samar is much happy for Kinjal and at the same time Kinjal finds concern from Samar instead of Paritosh.


Can Samar Nandini be the future couple?

As Nandini and Paritosh going separate ways Samar and Kinjal are left behind.

Can this Bhabhi and Devar turn into a couple in the future supporting each other and understanding each other quite well.

What is your opinion with regards to this new match in Star Plus Anupama?

Should makers of the show think about this opinion?

Let's see and keep your opinion in the below comments section.

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