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Sirf Tum: Ranveer emotional breakdown, Suhani in trouble (Upcoming Twist)

By: SG Admin on June 06, 2022


Sirf Tum latest news: Ranveer and Suhani struggle as Vikrant about to lose his life

The upcoming twist of Colors TV show Sirf Tum will show Ranveer breaking down as he is about to lose his father.

Ranveer used to hate his father but now looking at his condition, he is scared that he will lose his father forever.

Raveer’s father Vikrant meets with an accident and he is rushed to the hospital by Ranveer and Suhani.

Ranveer prescribes an injection for him and Suhani administers the injection.

However, the injection medicine has been changed by Ansh and therefore Vikrant’s condition gets worse.


Suhani gets blamed

Suhani thinks that she must have made a mistake giving the wrong injection and therefore Ranveer’s mother starts blaming Suhani.

However, Ranveer trusts Suhani and knows that she is not to be blamed.

As Vikrant’s condition keeps getting bad, Ranveer is sad as he thinks that he is going to lose his father.

Despite of everyone blaming Suhani, she stays positive and also asks Ranveer to not lose hope.

Will Vikrant lose his life and will this lead to Ranveer and Suhani’s separation once again?

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