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Ajooni: WOAH! Rajveer deadly shootout to stop Ajooni's Sagayi (Upcoming Twist)

By: SG Admin on July 31, 2022


Rajveer (Shoaib Ibrahim) deadly shootout at Ajooni (Ayushi Khurana) and Avinash’s engagement in Ajooni TV serial

Star Bharat new TV serial Ajooni is witnessing quite an intriguing track with Rajveer’s one-sided love for Ajooni while Ajooni's to-be groom is spicing up the story.

The Vohras get Avinash and Ajooni married when Rajveer is determined to not let this happen at any cost.

Therefore, the big twist comes when Rajveer marks his deadly entry just amid Avinash and Ajooni’s engagement ceremony.


Ajooni into a big dilemma

The Vohras get hell shocked with Rajveer shooting the gun at the function and stopping Avinash and Ajooni’s ring ceremony.

Wherein Avinash is not ready to give up on Ajooni, will he really be able to marry her or will Rajveer win?

Let’s see how dramatic Rajveer and Ajooni’s wedding will be when the former succeeds in calling off the latter's engagement ceremony.

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