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BALH2: Finally! Vikrant breaks his silence Exposes Nandini in front of Ram (Upcoming Story)

Published By: Veena | Publication: | Updated: August 29, 2022 03:08 PM IST


Bade Achhe Lagte Hai2(BALH2): Ram stunned knowing Nandini's evil face


Sony TV's interesting show Bade Achhe Lagte Hai2 is up with high drama and action.

As revealed, Ram gets to know about Pihu's reality and is infuriated at Priya for hiding this truth from him.

Ram blames Priya for being heartless and keeping his child away from him.

Priya is hurt by this but does not reveal the reason for her silence.

However, seeing Ram bursting out at Priya and judging her sacrifice as selfishness, Vikrant is unable to keep quiet.

Krish joins Vikrant

Finally, Vikrant intervenes and reveals the truth of how Nandini had blackmailed Priya to stop her from revealing Pihu's truth.

While Ram bursts out at Vikrant as he drags Nandini's name, Krish joins him too.

Krish exposes Nandini's drama by revealing how she compelled Priya to portray Pihu as his child.

This is a huge shocker for Ram and seeing all people pinpointing Nandini, he is left dumbfounded.

Stay tuned to to see what will Ram do now.

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