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Rajjo: Rajjo's heart flutter as Rajjo eye Arjun for the last time (Latest News)

By: SG Admin on September 21, 2022


Udti Ka Naam Rajjo: Arjun's (Rajveer Singh) run towards Rajjo (Celesti Bairagey) pierce Urvashi's heart with thousand needles

In Udti Ka Naam Rajjo the situation will become all tensed as well as exciting at the same time when Arjun and Rajjo will part ways.

Rajjo will know that Arjun surely likes Rajjo but will still have a doubt in her mind and this doubt will get cleared with a bang.

As Mamta will show Rajjo the gate of Thakur house Arjun will come running towards Rajjo leaving Urvashi and Mamta's fear behind.

From this step of Arjun, Rajjo will get assertained that surely Arjun will stand for Rajjo whenever Rajjo will require help or love.

Rajjo's heart flutters with a swag as now Rajjo is sure that Arjun is in love with Rajjo and now Rajjo only will need to make a call and Arjun will be there for Rajjo.


Jealousy clearly to be seen in Urvashi's eyes

In the upcoming episode Urvashi will however play an important role in separating Arjun and Rajjo in Udti Ka Naam Rajjo.

Urvashi will hence be seen eyeing the fact that now Arjun's love for Rajjo has come to the peak and so Arjun will be ready to do anything for Rajjo.

The story will hence get all interesting as and when how will Urvashi take Pushkar's help to separate Arjun from Rajjo.

Will Urvashi get the slightest chance to get closer to Arjun as Rajjo leave Thakur house?

Stay tuned with me to get some more updates on Rajjo and Urvashi's takkar.


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