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BALH2: Betrayal! Nandini and Shubham use Vedhika to sheild self (Upcoming Story)


Published By: Veena | Publication: | Updated: September 21, 2022 03:09 PM IST


Bade Achhe Lagte Hai2(BALH2): Nandini targets Vedhika to win Ram


Sony TV's interesting show Bade Achhe Lagte Hai2 is gearing up for a new twist.

As seen, Nandini uses Vedhika to kidnap Pihu and trap Priya.

However, she fails and instead gets herself hurt.

This irks Shubham and he suggests Nandini give up on Vedhika.

Shubham thinks Vedhika is useless and they should show her the exit.


Shubham tags Vedhika useless

At this time, Nandini reveals her evil mission where she plans to put all the blame on Vedhika if they are caught.

Shubham is convinced as Nandini reveals that they will be safe and Vedhika will be the culprit.

Nandini is sure that Ram trusts her more than Vedhika.

Let us see if Vedhika will save Nandini or turn her biggest secret buster.

Keep tuned to to know how the show will shape up further.

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