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Yeh Hai Chahatein: Revathi guilty in Armaan murder case (Upcoming Twist)


Published By: Veena | Publication: | Updated: December 14, 2022 02:12 PM IST


Yeh Hai Chahatein: Revathi guilty in Armaan murder case


The upcoming episode of Star Plus popular serial Yeh Hai Chahatein will showcase interesting twist and turn.

It seems Rudra spots Revathi in hotel Blue Diamond where he follows her and gathers evidence.

Rudraksh further reaches in Revathi's room and confronts her over the big truth and their son too.

Also it is seen that Revathi initially refuses that she have met Armaan but Rudra smartly gets her phone and gets the evidence.

Prisha and Police comes to check Revathi where finally she commits the crime done that she is the one who killed Armaan as he promises crores of rupees.


Revathi hides big truth from Rudraksh and Prisha

Also Revathi reveals the fact that she does not have the child of Rudra Prisha.

What has Revathi planned for Rudraksh and Prisha now?

Will she be successful in her master plan?

It would be highly interesting to see what happens next in Rudraksh and Prisha's life story.

Keep tuned to for fast updates on Star Plus daily soap Yeh Hai Chahatein.

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