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CHINA IS LYING AGAIN?? Deception takes toll over death rate in Millions (Recent News)

Rate of person infected with Corona crossed shocking rate

The number of persons infected with Covid-19 passed over 3,75,498 globally, where death rate created panic situation worldwide.

In These figures, around 16,362 people has been died due to infectious COVID-19 and entire world is under Corona’s grip.

So those people are strictly advised to stay in isolation even after recovery from fatal Corona Virus.

However along with this China declared that they have tackled the problem and there is no any new news of infected person.

China’s death rate crossed 10 Million

Although, it is heard through grapevine that China is lying again where, situation meter shows that 81,000 people are infected with Corona Virus,

While only 3,281 people are died with COVID-19, but other resources deny these figures and believe that China is hiding figures again.

Also there are recommendations to follow respiratory hygiene and seek medical care if you feel unfit.

Stay Home and Stay Safe, do something productive in quarantine time.

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