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Ban on Netflix is trending on internet for promoting Hinduphobic content, check details (Latest Update)

Ban on Netflix is trending on internet, shocking details out

Everyone is blaming Netflix for defaming values, culture, army and country, while netizens demanding strong action like boycott Netflix.

While the shocking reason behind this trend is that in recent web series #Krishna and his leela has tried to insult highly revered Hindu Gods- Shri Karishna and Radha.

However amid all this people are showing their anger for other web series too like Scared Games, Leila, Ghoul and Delhi Crime etc.

#boycott Netflix trending on twitter

Everyone on internet is tweeting that in the name of God and Goddess, however from any religion, like these shows or web series should be banned, where they are insulted.

Owing to which many also claiming that they have cancelled their Netflix subscriptions and even decided not to got for Netflix.

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