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Bhagyalaxmi: Shocking Twist! Laxmi in danger saving Rishi (Upcoming Episode)


Submitted By: Veena On November 04, 2021 04:11 PM IST

Bhagyalaxmi: Laxmi(Aishwarya Khare) shield Rishi(Rohit Suchanti) risking her own life

Zee TV's popular show Bhagyalaxmi is up with an interesting twist as Rishi breakup with Laxmi.

As seen, Malishka brainwashes Rishi against Laxmi and makes him break the wedding chain and ring.

However, this brings bad luck for Rishi and he falls into grave danger as he is bitten by a deadly snake.

The family rushes him to the hospital but they get caught in traffic and with no other option left, Laxmi sucks the poison from Rishi's body.

This leaves Laxmi seriously poisoned and she falls unconscious.

However, Laxmi's this quick action saves Rishi's life from danger.

Rishi guilt-stricken for hurting Laxmi

On the other hand, Laxmi is seriously hospitalized, and her health deteriorates.

Soon, the family learns about Rishi's action and scolds him for his foolishness.

Rishi too will recall his words and feel guilty for being so cruel to Laxmi.

Now let us hope Laxmi comes out of this danger and fights back.

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