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Meet: Meet Honda heartbroken knowing Meet Ahlawat's secret mission (Upcoming Episode)

By: SG Admin on November 10, 2021

Meet: Meet Ahlawat(Shagun Pandey) uses Meet Honda(Ashi Singh) as a pawn to reach Manushi

Zee TV's unique love story Meet is up with an interesting twist with Manushi and Kunal's entry into Honda House.

It is seen that Meet Honda and Meet Ahlawat are at Honda House for rituals.

Meet Honda is surprised by Meet Ahlawat's enthusiasm to come along with her for the ritual.

However, she is heartbroken as she discovers that he is with her only to find about Manushi's whereabouts.

Meet Honda is hurt to know that all the rituals and time spent with her were actual for a selfish reason.

On confrontation, Meet Ahlawat too confesses that he is with her to find out about Manushi.

Manushi's evil plan to ruin Meet Honda's marriage

On the other hand, Kunal is saved from Meet but is clueless about how to avoid the goons.

Moreover, Manushi plans evil to create a rift between Meet Honda and Meet Ahlawat.

Manushi is jealous of the rich life Meet Honda has got and wants to ruin it.

Now let us wait and watch if Meet Ahlawat will save Meet Honda from Manushi's wrath or not.

Stay tuned to know how the story will shape up further.

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