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Kaamna: Mr Kapoor falls for Akansha tries to find her whereabouts (Latest Spoilers Alert)


Published By: Somya | Publication: | Updated: November 16, 2021 09:11 AM IST


Kaamna: Mr. Kapoor falls for Akansha tries to find her whereabouts


Sony tv new show Kaamna has created an interest in the audience with its storyline.

Kaamna deals with the life of Akansha who dreams to be rich and having a luxurious life which her husband could not afford.

As per the current track, Akansha keeps complaining about her simple life to Manav and wishes to have a luxurious life.

Manav is a government employee who ats by the rules and does not have greed like money and is happy to have Akansha in her life and his son.

Akansha comes across a rich business tycoon Mr.Kapoor who falls for Akansha at first sight.


Mr Kapoor follows Akansha

In the upcoming track, Akshansha and Manav will be arguing about a relationship that needs to be ended with divorce if things don't work out while Manav is against it.

Later, Mr. Kapoor finds Akansha at a mall and he will try to find out her details from the reception.

Will Mr.Kapoor find out about Akansha's whereabouts?

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