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Bhagyalaxmi: New Twist! Uncalled incident calls for Laxmi's transformation (Upcoming Episode)

By: SG Admin on January 12, 2022


Bhgayalaxmi: Laxmi(Aishwarya Khare) rushes to the man's rescue missing her interview

Zee TV's popular show Bhagyalaxmi is up with high voltage drama and action.

With separation from Rishi, Laxmi is now focused on getting independent for herself and her sisters.

Laxmi walks from pillar to post in search of a job giving interviews but fails miserably.

Due to her lack of experience and her non-professional get-up, she gets rejected from all interviews.

However, she sees one ray of hope with opening for freshers and she is on her way to the interview.

On her way, she sees an old man collapsing due to a heart attack and rushes to help him.

Thus, along with others, she takes him to the hospital and misses her interview.

The man is saved but Laxmi is broken as that job interview was the only hope for her.


New drama in Laxmi's life

However, this old man is going to bring a major twist to Laxmi's life.

Now who is the man and how will he transform Laxmi is a must-watch.

Do not miss this exciting drama coming up soon on the show.

Till then stay tuned to for more news and updates.


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