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Pandya Store: Rishita to take her Dhara Bhabhi For-Granted (Upcoming Episode)


Published By: Divya | Publication: | Updated: September 01, 2022 12:09 PM IST

Pandya Store: Rishita rejects the clothes Dhara bought for Chutki , Shweta comments that Rishita takes Dhara For-Granted


Star Plus one of the most popular show to come up with some certain twist and turns.

As per the current episode, Dhara excitingly brings new clothes for both cheeku and chukti but Rishita then and there refuses to take it as she prefers modern cloths for her child not the middle class ones.

To show Rishita down Shweta brings up that Dhara get the best things for the kids, and she makes cheeku wear the same clothes Dhara bought for him later she gets in controversy with Rishita and ends up speaking that Rishta take Dhara for granted.

Shweta got malicious means


Shweta to show off her pretentious side she gets in controversy with Rishita and even takes Dhara's side at times she even tries to harm Rishta's bond with Dhara and the Pandya's Family.

It was also seen that Shweta adds lemon to Chutki's milk which was supposed to be given by Dhara to Rishita and this happens Rishita acts up ultimately and speaks rubbish about Dhara She also mentions that Dhara wants to kill Chukti because Dhara doesn't have a kid herself.

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