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Apnapan: Shocking! Sonali plays her trump card Manipulates Badal (Latest Update)


Published By: Veena | Publication: | Updated: November 15, 2022 04:11 PM IST


Apnapan: Sonali brainwashes Badal against Pallavi


Sony TV's popular show Apnapan is up with high drama and shocking twists.

As per the ongoing track, Pallavi gets the cafe on her name to safeguard it from Sonali.

However, Sonali uses this against Pallavi and brainwashes Badal manipulating him.

Sonali plays emotional drama creating misunderstanding between Badal and Pallavi.

Shockingly, Sonali portrays Pallavi as baised towards Gagan and hence snatching rights from Badal.


Sonali leaves with Badal

Badal is confused by Sonali's drama but she doesn't give him a chance to think right.

Sonali packs her and Badal's bag and pretends to be leaving the house.

This is a major shocker for Pallavi who is left stunned by Sonali's cunningness.

Keep tuned to to know how will Pallavi handle this situation.

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