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Bigg Boss 16: MC Stand & Sajid Khan call Sumbul thirsty for FOOTAGE (Upcoming Twist)


Published By: Naina | Publication: | Updated: December 22, 2022 11:12 AM IST


Bigg Boss 16: Stand and Sajid call Sumbul good actor


It seems that guests arrive three to four times in the house and the contestants try to stay unaffected by them.

During, Sumbul's turn, the guest Vijay Vikram Singh reads out a letter sent by her father. Sumbul gives her best and doesn't get distracted by the housemates get one negative point.

This makes Sajid angry and he gives an earful to Sumbul.

Later, MC Stan and Sajid Khan discuss how everyone in the house is a fake actor and nobody tries to be real in the show.

MC Stan agrees with Sajid, the former says that “everyone is thirsty for footage.”

Sajid adds, “I was the first one who caught Sumbul for acting so much in the show. If I would have never shown it to you then even you would have never noticed it, Stan”.


Stand Sajid discuss Sumbul

MC Stan agrees with him and reports that when he knew that Sajid also thinks the same about Sumbul he felt that someone among the contestants is thinking the same and he isn’t wrong about it.

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