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Pandya Store: Shiva's blood clot rings alarm bells Raavi fear losing him (Upcoming Twist)


Published By: Veena | Publication: | Updated: January 09, 2023 03:01 PM IST


Pandya Store: Shiva saves Chutki but who will save him?


Star Plus show Pandya Store is up with interesting twists and turns.

It is seen that Chutki desperately needed the injection and thus Shiva risks his life for money.

Shiva wins 50,000 prize money for Chutki's treatment but he suffers serious injurious in the boxing ring.

Further, Raavi rushes him to the doctor but he suggests an urgent surgery costing huge amount.

Now, Chutki is out of danger but Shiva is at high risk.

Raavi is scared for Shiva and fears losing him forever due to the brain clot.


Pandya House on mortgage

Ahead, Raavi suggests mortgaging Pandya House for Shiva's surgery.

The Pandyas are in grave problem as they do not have much time.

Shiva's clot can be life threatening and thus they have to act at the earliest.

Now, let us see if the Pandyas will take timely action and save Shiva or not.

Keep tuned to to know what will happen further on the show.

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