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Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2 11th June, 2019 written update Mr. Bajaj entry (Tv Serial)

Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2 11th June, 2019 written update 

The current episode starts with Anurag announces engagement ceremony by next day.

Anurag announces his and Prerna’s marriage with all traditions, customs and rituals.

Mohini is irked off where Anurag decides to call Veena ‘Sasu Maa’ from today onwards.

Mohini is pissed off with how Anurag announced his marriage with Prerna.

The families have a happy time where Prerna wants Moloy to become her Father and do all rituals, Moloy blesses her.

Later Nivedita confronts Mohini and questions as why she didn’t eat Soundesh’, she knows that if Bengalis don’t eat Soundesh then their happiness is left incomplete.

Mohini lashes out at Nivedita for accepting Prerna as Anurag’s wife who is such a middle class girl.

Nivedita is pissed off with Mohini’s attitude towards Prerna.

The duos Mother and Daughter have heated argument where Mohini is stubborn on her decision to not accept Prerna Sharma ever,

Meanwhile, Nivedita tags Prerna perfect choice for Anurag where Anurag’s happiness is in Prerna.

Nivedita bursts in anger at Mohini and calls Prerna a perfect daughter and Bahu for Moloy, a perfect Bhabhi for her and Tapur, a perfect Wife to Anurag.

Nivedita says that how Prerna takes care of everyone in their family and Mohini also knows the same but is not ready to accept it.

They get into drastic confrontation where Mohini stays stick to her decision.

The next day, engagement preparations are on the head.

Prerna, Tapur, and Nivedita are doing dresses shopping where Anurag has called the Designers to Basu Mansion.

Anurag and Prerna share a cute moment of love when Prerna tries sarees and shows Anurag.

Anurag confesses I Love You to Prerna while leaving for Office that Nivedita and Tapur tease Anurag saying Awww...

The family is happy time that Mohini gets irritated seeing everything.

Mohini comes to Goddess Durga and prays for Anurag and prays her to break this marriage as Prerna is not a good choice for Anurag, she will ruin his life and one day she will leave him behind.

Anurag and Prerna's love at stake

Anurag visits office and meets his Manager where he inquires about Mr. Bajaj.

The Manager tells Anurag that they fail to gather any strong information of Mr. Bajaj but detective Sourabh has told that he has arrived here.

Anurag compels his Manager to soon collect much information of Bajaj, later Anurag wonders about who is this Mr.Bajaj.

Here Mr. Bajaj enters his house, classy lifestyle, royal mansion, dashing attitude is all what Mr. Bajaj has in his blood.

Rishabh Bajaj smokes Cigars as he sits. 

Here Prerna misses Anurag and calls him, Anurag guesses that she is missing him.

They have a cute talk on phone that Anurag gets up to arrive home to meet his lady love and then they will have a love chit-chat.

The Manager stops Anurag a lot as he wanted to tell him about Mr. Bajaj but Anurag ignores and leaves.

The Manager stands all worried and upset saying Mr. Bajaj is bringing a drastic storm for them, he will ruin everything.


The Manager tells Anurag that the company which bought their huge shares is a shell company and he doubts that Mr. Bajaj maybe behind it, Anurag is worried.

Later, Anurag and Prerna make promise of love together where Anurag tells Prerna that now no one can separate them, meanwhile a storm comes where Mr. Rishabh Bajaj enters Basu Mansion.

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