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Yeh Hai Chahatein 24 February 2020 written update (Written Update)

Yeh Hai Chahatein 24 February 2020 written update

The current episode starts with Rudraksh forcefully drags Prisha into his bedroom and shuts the door shocking Prisha.

Prisha timely picks fruit knife to defend her calling Rudraksh, Raavan.

Rudraksh swears to take such revenge from Prisha that she will curse herself for the whole life while he removes his clothes to celebrate his suhaagraat aka wedding night with Prisha.

While Prisha pushes him away, Rudraksh again pushes her back to the bed and  undresses himself while he reminds her that he is her husband and has right on her.

Soon when Rudraksh starts getting closer to Prisha, Saransh comes and Rudraksh gets away.

Prisha hugs Saransh while Saransh shames Rudraksh for being nake.

Rudraksh wants his bed empty but Saransh insists on sleeping with him and Prisha together on the bed.

Rudraksh Prisha's newlywed life with ups and downs 

Yeh Hai Chahatein plays while when Rudraksh comes and sees them together sleeping, he sleeps beside Saransh.

Soon Saransh pulls he quilt and when he kicks Rudraksh in sleep, Rudraksh falls down.

Vasu and Gopal decide to meet Prisha over the excuse of giving her bag while Vasu cooks for Saransh.

Ahana taunts Rudraksh seeing him sleeping on sofa while Prisha and Saransh are on his bed.

Prisha wakes up Saransh giving him lovely kiss while the washroom door lock is broken.

Prisha stands outside the washroom to stop anyone from entering in the washroom.

Ahana finds something suspicious of Rudraksh that she decides to find the truth while she promises to kick Prisha and Saransh out of the house.

Rudraksh and Saransh fight when Saransh stops Rudraksh from entering in washroom a Prisha is inside the same.

Meanwhile when Rudraksh goes stubborn as he wants to torture Prisha, Saransh makes Rudraksh fall.

Rudraksh intentionally opens the door but Prisha instead gets chance to taunt and tease him.

Rudraksh asks her to leave but Prisha steps on his foot and Rudraksh shouts in pain while Saransh laughs and makes fun of him.

Ahana has stopped all the servants from helping Prisha while when Prisha comes to cook for Saransh, the staff refuses to help her.

Rudraksh comes and badly shouts on the staff while he ousts them and starts helping Prisha is getting breakfast ready for Saransh, Prisha gets confused of why he is helping her.


Prisha refuses to talk to Yuvraj while when Ahana is about to slap Saransh, Prisha holds Ahana’s hand and warns her.

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