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Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 13th November 2020 written update Vansh's death shattered Ridhima (Written Update)

By: SG Admin on November 13, 2020

Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 13th November 2020 written update

The current episode starts with Ridhima's emotional breakdown while Kabir smirks.

Ridhima grabs Kabir's collar and blames him for Vansh's death.

Ridhima calls Kabir murderer and beats him with a wooden stick.

Ridhima takes Vansh's necktie and cries bitterly holding it.

Dadi and the family return home when Dadi falls shattered seeing Vansh's photo frame with garland and Anupriya wearing white saree.

Dadi cries bitterly, Angre falls shattered, Ishani and the other family members stand shocked.

Ridhima comes and is tensed thinking of how she will reveal the news to the family.

Ishani comes and angrily drags Ridhima inside the house where Ridhima gets shocked.

Dadi questions Ridhima when Ridhima is about to tell but Anupriya interrupts.

Anupriya tells a fake story about Siya fells from stairs when she got Vansh's news. 

Anupriya tells Siya is critical and is in hospital. 

Anupriya frames a fake story that Vansh got into a fight with goons and fell from the cliff.

Ridhima gets shocked seeing Anupriya lying.

The family is shattered in tears when Ishani questions Angre asking how he let her brother die.

Ishani is broken in tears while Dadi is bitterly crying.

Ridhima confronts Anupriya questioning why she lied.

Anupriya cries and tells she didn't have the courage to tell that Vansh got arrested in Ragini's murder case and got killed when he tried to escape from the police.

Ridhima denies and says Vansh didn't kill Ragini. 

Anupriya asks Ridhima to reveal everything to the family and lower Vansh's value in the family's eyes.

Anupriya leaves smirking while Ridhima comes to her bedroom and misses the lovely moments that she spent with Vansh.

Ridhima touches Vansh's file and his belongings and misses him. 

Hamari Adhuri plays. Ridhima is badly broken in tears and breaks everything in the room.

Ridhima smells Vansh's clothes and his every belonging while she misses him.

Suddenly Ishani comes and attacks Ridhima with the knife when Dadi grabs her hand and slaps Ishani.

Dadi yells at Ishani for hurting Ridhima who is Vansh's wife.

Dadi warns Ishani to not dare hurt Ridhima while she makes Ishani understand the reality.

Dadi takes away Ishani while Ridhima decides to hide the truth from the family.

Ridhima breaks all ties with Kabir

Kabir enters VR mansion and reveals the family that his team searched a lot but they didn't find Vansh's body.

Kabir speculates that might be Vansh's body is eaten by wild animals.

Dadi feels heartsick when the family takes her to the room.

Kabir smirks and joining hands before Vansh's portrait, he pays fake condolence.

Ridhima grabs Kabir's hand and drags him out of the VR mansion.

Kabir gets completely shocked when Ridhima blames Kabir for Vansh's death.

Kabir compels Ridhima to return back to him but Ridhima refuses.

Ridhima calls herself Ridhima Vansh Raisinghania.


Kabir thinks they didn't found Vansh's body.

Someone drags Vansh's dead body and sees his ID card. He burns the body.

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