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Anupama 2nd December 2021 Written Update History repeats Vanraj Anupama pose as family (Written Update)

By: SG Admin on December 02, 2021


Anupama 2nd December 2021 Written Update History repeats Vanraj Anupama pose as family

The latest episode of Star Plus Anupama begins with Baa Bapuji's wedding anniversary celebration.

Bapuji feeds Baa with much love where she shies away but she gets family support.

Anupama serves sweet to all and at last one one dish was pending where she offers Anuj and Vanraj.

Anuj asks her to give it to Vanraj when Vanraj takes he bowl and gives the same to Vanraj as he is the guest in their house.

Anuj praises the sweet when Vanraj says everyone likes the dish made by Anupama.

Kavya is irked with Anuj Vanraj bromace.

Amid the dance performance, Vanraj gets a call and later Anuj too gets a call where he does not answer.

Anuj dreams of Anupama and dances with her romancing her.

Later the family sit together and talk about marriage decision and failed marriage too.

Everyone give their opinion while Anuj gives the best opinion when Paritosh points out that he is single thats why he is praising marriage.

Anupama gets to see negative vibes from Paritosh and Vanraj.


Kavya in a furious tone pulls Anupama away from Vanraj

GK keeps his words that he wants to get Anuj married soon but he likes only one person.

Vanraj asks Pakhi to see Baa Bapuji's marriage when she says that she will never get married.


Time for family photograph where excitingly Baa Bapuji Vanraj Anupama stand together.

Vanraj keep his hand on Anupama's shoulder.

Kavya fumes and pulls Anupama away calling her Baharwali.


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