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Imlie 7 May 2022 written update Fire traps Imlie (Written Update)

By: SG Admin on May 07, 2022


Imlie 7 May 2022 written update

The current episode starts with Imlie compels Neela to not dare humiliate Sundar while Aryan supports her.

Arpita enquires Aryan about Jyoti when he introduces the latter. Neela asks about her marital status and taunts her calling her a divorcee.

The next when Imlie takes Jyoti to the room, she shares a fun time with her.

Jyoti compels Imlie to not vent out her anger on Aryan as she loves him and so there shouldn’t be negativity in the marriage.

Imlie leaves for the office when Jyoti gets a call and gets super angry.

However, she controls it saying anger should not control her mind.

The next Imlie checks her files and talks to Madhav while she praises his talent.



Jyoti to plan evil

Imlie gets Aryan’s call and gets super surprised when he tells her that he is missing her.

Aryan asks Imlie to join him for the coffee when Madhav agrees to say he will handle the work and so she should visit Aryan Sir.

When Aryan meets Jyoti and asks about the candles she bought, she confesses about creating positive atmosphere while she also asks him if he loves Imlie?

Aryan confesses that he will confess his feelings at the right time while Jyoti decides to make him realize that she is the best life partner to him, not Imlie.


Imlie faints at fire in the Rathore mansion.


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