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Imlie 9th May 2022 written update Aryan saves his Imlie (Written Update)

By: SG Admin on May 09, 2022


Imlie 9th May 2022 written update

The current episode starts with Jyoti lighting aroma oil candles in Aryan and Imlie’s bedroom to bring them closer but in actuality, she is herself planning to get closer to Aryan.

Neela puts a candle below the curtain when Jyoti soon leaves smirking.

Imlie returns home recalling Nargis’s accident who is now in a coma state.

Imlie breaks down in tears when Aryan hugs her and consoles her listening to the full story about what all happened on her way back home.

Jo Tum Na Ho Toh Hum Bhi Hum Nahi song plays when Aryan makes coffee for Imlie and they have a romantic eye-lock moment.

Jyoti sees them laughing and having romantic moments and gets super irked.

Sundar and Arpita share a romantic conversation seeing their marriage portrait.

Narmada gifts a table lamp to Sundar and the trios share an emotional talk.

Jyoti sees Imlie and Nargis’s photo from the hospital and gets infuriated to the core.


Jyoti plots against Aryan and Imlie

Jyoti calls Harry and threats him when Madhav comes home and asks Jyoti to call Imlie.

The next here when Imlie enters her room, she gets hell shocked to see the fire.

Aryan and Jyoti get shocked to hear Imlie’s scream while Neela and Gudiya rejoice thinking now the blame will come on Jyoti.

Imlie faints in the fire when Aryan comes and gets shell-shocked.

As he runs to save her and blows off the fire with the water, he then lifts Imlie in his arms.


Aryan lifts Imlie in his arms when Jyoti sees them and feels angry.


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