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Anupama 21st September 2022 written update : Kinjal moves in with Anuj and Anupama (Written Update)


Published By: Soundari | Publication: | Updated: September 21, 2022 08:09 AM IST

Anupama 21st September 2022 written update Kinjal wants to stay away from Shah House and move to Kapadias


The episode starts with Anuj saying Anupama that he can very well understand what's going through in her mind as she had to break her own son's family. He says she's really strong to do that and supports her.

Anupama says that she couldn't understand what's going to happen and is worried about future. Anuj says that he does g know how but he's sure that everything would be alright.

Anuj supports Anupama and she cries in his arms. She sees Anuj drinking black coffee and goes to make food for him and get Choti Anu go to school.

Kinjal wakes up from sleep and everyone surrounds her and supports her. Baa tries persuading Kinjal to forgive Toshu but Vanraj and Kavya shuts her.

Kinjal wants Anupama's handmade tea only to know that she left home. Baa wanted to call her immediately when Kavya stops her and says that Anupama has a family of her own too.

Anupama is taking care of Anu and Anuj when Barkha and her family come there. They enquire about Kinjal and taunts Vanraj and Toshu.

They also says about Shahs taking her for granted. Anuj asks Anupama to not help anyone unless and until they ask for it. 

Pakhi and Adik talk about Toshu and Pakhi gets shocked when he normalise Toshu's affair. 

Kinjal wants to leave the house


Kinjal wants to leave the house and everyone gets hyper hearing it. Kinjal wants a break and says she'd go mad in the house. 

She apologizes Vanraj and thanks him for sending Toshu away for her but she says she can't stay there. Vanraj let's her go. 

Rakhi comes there and everyone gets shocked knowing that Kinjal didn't want to go with her. Kinjal says she wants to stay with Anupama as she don't want get to struggle between two house. 

Rakhi gets hurt hearing it. 

Toshu gets hyper over Kinjal's decision

Precap :

Vanraj will bring Kinjal and Baby to Kapadia House. Toshu gets hyper knowing about Kinjal's decision. 

Anupama takes care of Kinjal. Kinjal avoids Toshu's call. 


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