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Faltu 19th November 2022 written update Faltu learns about Ayaan's engagement (Written Update)

By: SG Admin on November 19, 2022


Faltu 19th November 2022 written updateFaltu learns about Ayaan's engagement

Episode begins with Ayaan taking Faltu to the airport.

Faltu worries seeing Pappi's men near them.

Ayaan assures her nothing will go wrong.

There Ratan and Angoori go to check what Charan is doing in the room.

They don't find Faltu inside and get shocked.

Charan says he cant reveal about Faltu's whereabouts.

Ratan beats up Pratap to know where is she?

Pratap says he has no idea.

Angoori tries beating Faltu's sisters but Jamna objects to that.

Jamna pleads Charan to reveal where is Faltu.

Charan remains adamant saying he can't make any revelation until Faltu reaches her destination.

He recalls his promise to Ayaan.

Ayaan leaves for airport with Faltu in his car.

He asks her to change the bridal dress.

Janardan feels insulted

There, Kanika gets angry due to Ayaan's careless attitude.

Janardan says he trusts Ayaan and the latter will come back on time.

Kanika criticises Ayaan and Tanisha starts crying.

Sumitra asks Siddharth to give her his shoulder and it will bring them closer.

Later, Pappi decides to inform police and tells his men to find Faltu.

Janardan seems to lose hope and says if Ayaan ruins his image in front of Kanika then he will make Siddharth the CEO of his company.

Savita gets tensed. Ayaan and Faltu come to Mumbai.

Ayaan is stressed thinking his family must be upset with him as he didn't reach the venue for his engagement yet.

Faltu gets shocked to know that and she leaves his hand which surprises him.

Precap- Janardan says he will accept the fact that Ayaan is not his son in front of Kanika if he is not back.

Ayaan tries to book a hotel room for Faltu's stay as she is new to the city.


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