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Anupama 23rd November 2022 written update Anupama is grieve stricken seeing Dimpy (Written Update)


Submitted By: Soundari On November 23, 2022 07:11 AM IST

Anupama 23rd November 2022 written update Anupama and Anuj finds Dimpy in a devastating situation while Shahs stop Vanraj from helping Pakhi

Anupama wakes up with difficulty and wakes up Anuj too. Anuj hugs her and asks if she's fine.

Anupama gets reminded of Nimrit and Dimpy and checksum for Nimrit. Anupama recalls her getting dragged away.

They both go in search of her shouting her name. Anupama finds the bridal pin she gave to Dimpy on road and goes towards that side.

Anuj keeps calling cops when Anupama gets shocked seeing something. She shouts Dimpy's name while Anuj turns away seeing her condition.

They both are terrified. Nimrit is getting treated at hospital so does Dimpy.

Anuj gives the statement to Police but says his phone is damaged. He asks them to retrieve the data if possible.

Anupama recalls meeting Dimpy and grieves for not able save Dimpy. Samar says that he couldn't contact Anupama.

Everyone are chitchatting at Shah House when Baa stops Vanraj seeing him taking packed lunch. Anuj pleads Police to get justice for Dimpy by punishing her culprits.

Police promises to punish the culprits for sure. Anupama cries seeing their selfie with Dimpy while Anuj also joins her.

Anupama can't imagine what would be Dimpy's reaction when she gains consciousness. Anupama can't believe how the girls who gets harasses at different places.

They both cry and regret for leaving them on the way. Shahs scolds Vanraj for taking food for Pakhi.

Vanraj is adamant but Baa snatches the box from his hand. Anupama breaks down for Dimpy's condition.

Everyone asks Vanraj to let Pakhi learn to survive. Doctor comes out and says that Nimrit is in a bad condition while Dimpy is in even worse condition.

She says that she got assaulted multiple times and suggests them to take them to a big hospital. 

She says she told both Nimrit and Dimpy about the situation and says they both are not in a state to give Statement. She asks Anupama to meet Dimpy as she kept asking for her even in unconscious state. 

Nimrit turns his back on Dimpy 

Precap :

Anupama comes in and will find Dimpy in devastated condition. Nimrit will refuse to file complaint while Anupama will say that culprits will never get punished if he doesn't.

Dimple will trust Nimrit to stay by her side no matter what. 

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