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Teri Meri Doriyaan (TMD) 15 May 2023 written update (Written Update)


Published By: Alka | Publication: | Updated: May 15, 2023 08:05 AM IST

Teri Meri Doriyaan (TMD) 15 May 2023 written update


The current episode starts with Angad acting rudely so as to stop Sahiba from leaving but the latter is adamant on her decision.

Akaal and Prabjyot request Sahiba to not leave the house or her own family will have to suffer once again.

Therefore, Angad also urges Sahiba to step back for his and her family’s sake.

Thus, Sahiba agrees to stay back but she wants to visit her house because it is Seerat’s wedding today.

Angad comes to drop Sahiba at her house when on the way, Sahiba taunts him for acting sweet-sweet before his family and now trying to demean her.

Seerat apologizes to Karan when the guests pity Karan. As Karan leaves with his parents, here Sahiba and Angad arrive.

Sahiba finally tells the truth to Santosh about how Garry’s truth came out before everyone. Santosh lashes out at Seerat for crossing the line while Sahiba is shocked to know that she already knew about Garry.

Angad apologizes to Santosh and Ajith which shocks everyone, especially Sahiba.

Later on, he leaves the Monga House.

Garry swears to take revenge on Angad when suddenly Jasleen barges in and slaps Garry twice.

Jasleen finally reveals her drama and starts showering her motherly love on Garry.

Jasleen and Garry join hands 

Though she scolds Garry for ruining her whole planning and plotting, still she wants him to come back.

Thus, Jasleen swears to bring Garry back while she asks him to think of an idea to win Angad’s forgiveness and everyone’s trust back.

Here Sahiba tells Ajith that she is surprised to see Angad’s side and she couldn’t imagine a better punishment for Garry than what Angad did.

Ajith pacifies Sahiba and understands Angad’s pain as to what he is going through.

Sahiba has realized the personality of Angad wherein he is strict and hard from the outside but soft from the inside just like a coconut.

As she wants to heal him and help him cope with the current situation, here Ajith encourages her to understand him and slowly give him some time.


The media questions Angad and takes a dig at him for what all happened with the Brar family and the business.

The client rejects Angad’s jewellery designs when Sahiba barges in and accepts the challenge to prepare new designs within the next 24 hours.

Akaal Singh warns Sahiba to stop interfering in the business and stay in the house just like a Bahu.

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