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Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 6 December 2016 written update episode (Written Update)


Published By: Sulata | Publication: serialgossip.com | Updated: December 06, 2016 08:12 PM IST

Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil writen update episode 6 December 2016, PMHMD written update episode


The episode starts with Raghav crying on the station and as Veer comes near the train Raghav catches Veer and does not allow Veer to board the train.

Raghav tries to make Veer understand that naina and dadi would be waiting for Veer in the mandap.

Veer pushes Raghav back and runs away as raghav follows Veer but misses Veer.

At home dadi goes in Veer’s room to look after Veer but does not find him.

Sanjana comes in Veer’s room and asks Veer to come out of bathroom as sanjana says that yesterday our chat was left incomplete because of dadi but today Sanjana will say to Veer all the things that is in Sanjana’s heart.

Dadi comes out of the bathroom and starts shouting at Sanjana that it was all Sanjana’s fault as Raghav was totally innocent and Sanjana starts telling dadi that when dadi linked Sanjana with Veer, Sanjana was all ok but Sanjana does not like being linked up with that servant Raghav.

At home naina and her family enters Mehra house as dadi welcomes Naina and on another side Sudha and Pam are very much tensed watching that Veer is missing.

Chanchal asks Sudha that what is happening as Pam and Sydha are looking very much stressed out to which Pam makes some excuse and says that they were talking about the decorations.

Now, on another side dadi and the entire family are talking in a circle as Chanchal again comes to enquire and the Mehra’s say there is no need to worry.

Dadi tells everyone to find out Raghav and than dadi gets up herself to find Raghav to which dadi watches Naina’s mother entering the house.

Dadi greets naina’s mother and Naina’s mother gives thanks to dadi for calling her up here and making arrangements for getting Naina’s mother to the wedding.

Naina’s mother tells naina that she has become so much independent that she was going to get married without her mother.

Naina gets shocked to this and Naina and naina’s mother hug each other.

Sudha tensed for Veer


Sudha catches Ira talking to Veer on phone and takes her to the room and tells that Ira knows that where is Veer to which Ira says that she is not like Sudha who can sell her son for money.

Pam comes to Ira’s rescue and favours Ira to which Sudha says that Pam and Ira have played a very nasty game with Sudha but Sudha will not leave Pam.

Naina's mother talks to Naina about Veer as naina says that naina didn't have any good impression of Veer but when Raghav made Naina realize her mistake and than Naina's intention for Veer changed gradually.

Naina continously goes on saying good things about Raghav and Chanchal calls up Naina's mother.

Naina starts talking to Raghav on vice mail and says that dadi has called up naina's mother also in the wedding and Naina says that naina would keep on calling up Raghav till Raghav comes here.

Raghav hears Naina's voice and keeps crying.

Naina says to Raghav that naina misses raghav very much.

Precap: Naina's wedding takes place with raghav

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