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Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil 7 December 2016 written update episode (Written Update)


Published By: Sulata | Publication: serialgossip.com | Updated: December 07, 2016 07:12 PM IST

Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil written update episode 7 December 2016, PMHMD written update episode 


The episode starts with Pam watching Dadi taking raghav inside the room and Pam thinks that now what is dadi’s plan now.

Veer gets his dad’s call and tells him that why is Veer doing all this and has he ran away and if Veer does a little compromise than Veer would be able to live happily.

But Veer does not listen to his father and than his father says that Veer has to pay for his mistake and his father calls up police station.

Pam overhears Raghav telling dadi that Raghav made Veer understand a lot but he did not listen.

Pam gets very happy about the situation and Pam hears that Naina’s mother wants to meet Veer and Pam thinks that this is a very good option to make Naina’s mother known about the situation.

Pam sends Naina’s mother to Veer and dadi’s room and Naina’s mother sees Raghav giving dadi a glass of water and becomes very happy.

Naina’s mother thinks of not to disturb Raghav and dadi and goes away happily.

Sudha and Veer’s father come to dadi’s room and says that Veer would surely listen and asks dadi to forgive Veer.

Dadi says that marriage is a responsibility and that Veer has not become big it is only Veer’s attitude that has grown big and not Veer.

Dadi says Sudha to go and ask for forgiveness from Naina’s mother for Veer’s betrayal.

On other side Veer gets arrested by police and calls up his father to which his father angrily says that if Veer does not come home than Veer would go to police station.

Veer denies coming home and Sudha call Naina’s mother aside and tells that Veer has run away from the wedding to which Naina’s mother starts crying.

Dadi comes from behind and says that they were joking as there is a ritual amid Mehra family that the brides mother would be a part of the joke.

Naina’s mother starts laughing and Sudha too changes the topic.

Dadi than goes in flash back and its seen that dadi is crying in the room and Raghav is trying to console dadi.

Dadi says that now Raghav can do a favour upon dadi by marrying Naina as dadi was getting Naina to her house as dadi also wanted Naina to be a part of dadi’s house as dadi’s house is just getting broken.

Raghav marry Naina


Dadi calls Raghav downstairs and says to panditji to start the wedding.

The marriage starts and the ghatbandhan is done by Chanchal and Raghav filld sindoor in Naina's head and makes Naina wears mangalsutra.

All the Mehra family people eye that whom is Naina getting married to.

The pheras are done and raghav and Naina are declares husband and wife.

Naina waches Raghav from behind the veil and gets shocked.

Naina calls Raghav's name and Raghav puts down the veil and all the guests get shocked.

Raghav is very much annoyed with Naina's puzzled look.

Naina's mother comes and gives blessings to Raghav and Naina.

Sudha and Pam get happy and Naina thinks that how will Naina tell this truth to her mother.

Precap: Naina asks the explanation of wedding from Raghav

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