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KHKT: Sonakshi predicts love angle with Rohit totally surprised (Upcoming Episode)

Kahan Hum Kahan Tum: Sonakshi predicts love angle with Rohit totally surprised

Star Plus prime time TV Serial ‘Kahan Hum Kahan Tum’ is slowly and steadily all set to bloom the love between Dr Rohit and Sonakshi.

Dr Rohit and Sonakshi come across their unseen side which develops a really soft corner in their hearts for each other.

Meanwhile, when Sonakshi meets with an accident on the shooting set but luckily Dr Rohit saves Sonakshi,

Sonakshi comments a really surprising truth which completely shakes Dr Rohit.

Sonakshi resembles Rohit to a hero who saves the heroine from the accident and thereby the love blooms amid the couple.

Trouble ahead in Rohit Sonakshi grooving love

The prediction of Sonakshi surprises Rohit completely but somewhere he himself realizes that deep feeling for her.

But will their friendship turn into love?

Coming up track will see big trouble knocking in Dr Rohit and Sonakshi’s grooving love story.

Let see if they could sort out their misunderstandings before it gets too late.

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