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Patiala Babes: Mini Chutki's new journey post five years leap twist (Upcoming Episode)

Patiala Babes: Mini (Ashnoor Kaur) Chutki's new journey post five years leap twist

The upcoming episode of Sony TV show Patiala Babes viewers will get to witness leap of five years in the storyline.

As per the latest promo of the show Mini is seen with her little sister Chutki.

Both Mini and Chutki are seen in their nokh jhok moment and fights in a funny style.

But the dup loves each other a lot.

Mini will be seen fulfilling Babita’s job in Chutki’s life.

Mini and Chutki’s interesting journey begins

Mini recalls how Babita took care of her throughout the life and repeats the same upbringing with Chutki.

It would be really interesting to see how Mini and Chutki’s this new journey shapes up.

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