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Sanjivani 2 Latest News: Anjali saves Sid Ishani from Vardhan's assassin (Latest News)

Sanjivani 2 Latest News: Anjali (Sayantani Ghosh) saves Sid and Ishani from Vardhan's (Rohit Roy) assassin 

Star Plus popular daily soap Sanjivani 2 is gearing up for new twist and drama.

Sid and Ishani very well knows Vardhan's truth and things are going worse.

Vardhan attempts to trap Anjali in the scam and here he even gives media interview over it.

While here Sid and Ishani manages to handle the situation, Vardhan is super furious.

Sid, Ishani warns Anjali

Vardhan thus hires assassin to kill Sid and Ishani, while Sid and Ishani warns Anjali over Vardhan's conspiracy.

Anjali is not ready to believe over it and here assassin attacks Sid and Ishani.

Anjali will thus turn their savior and save them from Vardhan's assassin attack.

Will Anjali realise Vardhan's ugly truth and join hands with Sid and Ishani against Vardhan and to end his game.

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