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Anushka Sharma opens about WED, actress urges people to be climate worrier (Latest Update)

Anushka Sharma’s sweet message on World Environment Day

We have seen that till the times, humans destroyed nature to much extend where it harmed animals, nature and climate.

However, but this time all celebrities and actors are coming ahead with their message to look after nature if you people want healthy life.

As animals, plans and climate is part of nature and disturbance of these factors can kill the entire humanity.

While amid all this actress, Anushka Sharma posted a message about nature, and urged people tp look after nature.

Anushka Sharma message on World Environment Day (WED)

Anushka Sharma urges people  of India to treat all plants and animal species with kindness, she wished that people should not use the animal and plant species for their own meanness.

 Anushka Sharma also added,” Am Climate Worrier, are you”.

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