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Mere Dad Ki Dhulan: Amber Guneet's fight dhamaka transforms to unbreakable friendship (Latest Trending News)

Mere Dad Ki Dhulan: Amber (Varun Badola) and Guneet's (Shewta Tiwari) fight dhamaka transforms to unbreakable friendship 

Sony Entertainment Television is coming up with all new show Mere Dad Ki Dhulan which is a family drama.

The star cast of the show includes Shewta Tiwari, Varun Badola and Anjali Tatrari in main leads.

Shewta Tiwari will play character of Guneet who is a happy go lucky character.

Varun Badola will play Amber who is Nia's (Anjali Tatrari) father and is a single father.

Amber and Guneet's friendship twist

Guneet and Amber will meet in an unexpected way where they had a fight and dhamaka.

Nia tries to stop his father who is getting hyper and now this fight of Amber and Guneet will soon transform into unbreakable friendship.

This friendship will break all stereotypes of society that a man and women can't be friends and thus a new spectrum of love will be seen.

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