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Naagin 4: Dev turns out Naagmani real owner troubles in Brinda’s life (Upcoming Twist)

A major shocker waiting for Dev and Brinda ahead in the story in Naagin 4

Colors popular TV show Naagin 4 is looking forward for a major revelation in the upcoming episode storyline.

Dev and Brinda get married where Brinda has finally made her place in the Parikh family to take he revenge.

Meanwhile here Vishaka takes Nayantara to the Laal Tikri Mandir* where she wants Nayantara to pick the Naagmani.

While Dev is on the way following Nayantara, here a drastic storm comes when Nayantara turns to pick the naagmani.

However as soon as Nayantara turns to pick the naagmani, a pillar falls on her and Dev in turn to save Nayantara gets his hand on the naagmani.

The Naagmani gets in Dev’s forehead and is now inside him.

Shocking troubles coming in Brinda’s ways

More troubles are going to come in Brinda’s life after Dev has become the real owner of the Naagmani.

Although Brinda is still unaware of the same, here Vish goes mad on not getting naagmani for which she waited for the 50 full moon nights.

Let see how Brinda will face the new challenges of her life.

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